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Our New Website Provides a VIP Experience

Welcome to 2021! 

It's a new year and with that being the case, we have a big announcement!

At Luxe Medical Artistry, our goal is always to provide you with a complete VIP experience, from your first visit to our website and through your entire experience in our spa. 

In years past, we've made significant investments on how we operate, our facilities, our equipment and in hiring the best Med Spa staff in Paradise Valley.

But towards the end of 2020, we also realized that our website needed to be completely overhauled. And we needed to do a better job making it easier for our customers and website visitors to engage with our staff and physicians.

It was a pretty big undertaking...

Powering Customer Engagement with HubSpot

In order to provide the best experience possible to our customers, our website needed to be more than just an online brochure. We needed the website to support bookings, communications and other business functions that you simply don't get with free website software like Wordpress, WIX or SquareSpace.

That's why my team and I selected HubSpot. This popular software is used by  business like ours all over the world as a way to manage their website, talk with customers on social media and provide other online tools that make it easier for website visitors to find what the information they need to have confidence that they are making the best decision for their body.

How Our New Website Helps You

On our new website, we worked tirelessly to reduce the noise and clutter of content that simply wasn't looked at by our visitors.  We've replaced it with content and additional technical features that we think you will like.  Here is a short list that will help you start to explore on your own...

More Self-Service Content

We understand that starting the journey toward a more desirable body can be daunting, embarrassing uncomfortable.  A lot of our customers have expressed that privacy is so important to them as they educate themselves on what us available. That's why we have placed a huge focus on self-service content where no one will be peering over your shoulder as you work to gather the information and inspiration you need.  Check out these self-service resources:

Real-Time Staff Engagement
  • Have burning questions when you are on our website but you're not able to pick up the phone and call in?  Simply open a live Chat with Brittany to get answered immediately. Look for a pop up notification towards the bottom left corner of your screen.  If she is out at lunch, you can leave your email address and she'll get right back to you.
  • If you can't find what you need on the FAQ page, simply use this form to submit a Private Question and our staff will be in touch with answers for you within a few hours.
  • With a few clicks, you can now automatically schedule a consultation from our Contact Page with our staff directly from the website. Our new software will send email confirmations as well as calendar invitations and reminder notifications.
VIP Convenience
  • On your way in for a consultation or procedure?  Simply visit our contact page with your mobile device to use the integrated Google Maps software to pull up directions from anywhere you are at the time.
  • Are you trying to fund your procedure on a set budget?  Sign up for our specific email list to be alerted to any deals, special offers or  promotions.  It's a great way save on your liposuction procedures. 

Tell Us What You Think

Your feedback is incredibly valuable. It's what drives our team to make improvements that better provide the VIP experience we promise each of our customers.

You may notice some pop-up boxes on a few pages on our new site that will request your feedback with specific questions.  Please -- fill those out.  While popups can be a bit intrusive, the feedback you provide helps us make the website better for you. 

We appreciate any comments or suggestions you may have, so please fill those out when you see them.